Quick Highlights
- Born and raised in Westchester, California. 
- Attended Santa Monica Community College after high school to become a firefighter.
- Enrolled in a adobe suite intro class, from then on my career path changed. 
- Accepted into Otis College of Art and Design in the Communication Arts Department.
- First Graphic Design Internship at Grand Jeté for the summer of 2016
- Graduated Otis May 2017
- Hired by NBC Universal September 2017
- Currently contracting as a graphic designer for Franchise Creative at NBC Universal until September 2018
- Looking for my next endeavor 

For fun I post random projects I work on in-between my homework sessions. Started off only melting crayons but now it is whatever I am feeling at the time. 
@waxterpiece (crayon wax + masterpiece)
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