Slowly but surely  Modern technology, smart phones, have taught us to be impatient. We need immediate information, almost like a pavlov study with us, if it takes more then 10 seconds for information to load then we automatically get annoyed and give up.  Rushing causes mistakes, panic, stress, anxiety, and anger. If you work too quickly on a process then all you think about it how quick to reach the end.  We loose quality by rushing.  Rushing causes tunnel vision, closing out other ideas to enter the brain because you are being too narrow minded. Tunnel vision can cause you to pick the easiest solution, rather than the smartest solution.  However modern technology does help us when we choose to take our time. Taking time doesn’t mean totally discontenting with modern tools. Taking your time on a project does not mean working at a slow pace, rather it means always working. Researching and making over and over again. Even if you have stopped with the physical working you can still be mentally aware. In order to disconnect from distractions you have to open your mind to other ideas than your own.  Always being observant, taking in your surroundings and not only focusing on one thing. The benefit of taking your time is that you have a chance to connect with your subject. Immersing yourself in a project means you think about it all the time, you know it on a personal level.  Feeling a personal connection with your work automatically makes you feel you aren’t really working because you begin to care about it so much. It is what causes you to have the motivation to work.  End of every process gives you new found information and appreciation for work.  Taking your time teaches you patience.

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